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"Tech and tactics may get you attention but stories make you unforgettable...

Hi, my name is Eme Bassey. I help teachers, creators and change-makers leverage stories to grow audiences and build businesses.

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As a founder with a wealth of expertise, imagine the impact you can create by combining your knowledge with our comprehensive services. Workshops are a way to captivate your audience, foster growth, and expand your email list. Our meticulous planning, facilitation, and tech support will ensure a seamless workshop experience. By harnessing the interactive nature of workshops, we can drive audience growth, enhance your thought leadership, and nurture valuable connections. I can help you create transformative workshops that elevate your business to new heights.



Harness the potential of webinars to skyrocket audience growth, amplify impact, and build your email list. Our tailored virtual webinar services for founders and CEOs encompass planning, tech support, and expert guidance. Craft captivating webinars that captivate participants and strategically utilize interactive features to expand your audience reach. Position yourself as an industry authority, generating buzz and attracting a wider following. Leverage real-time engagement and seamless Q&A sessions to nurture valuable connections and grow your email list. With our comprehensive support, watch your audience and influence grow as you utilize webinars as a powerful tool for expansion.



Unlock the potential of virtual summits as a powerhouse for audience growth, amplified impact, and email list expansion. Our comprehensive services cover planning, facilitation, and tech support. Craft dynamic virtual summits that attract and engage participants, while strategically leveraging interactive environments to expand your audience reach. Curate influential speakers and thought-provoking discussions that position you as an industry leader. Foster networking opportunities and nurture long-term connections. Harness the collective power of your summit to grow your email list and build a community of engaged followers. With our expertise, leverage virtual summits to propel your business forward, leaving a lasting impact and expanding your reach.


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